Black Sapote tree - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Diospyros digyna
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The Black Sapote is a handsome evergreen tree with dark brown branches, and glossy dark green leaves with wavy margins reaching heights of 20-60 feet depending on location. If grown in the ground in warm areas of the country, they can reach 60 feet and to 80 feet in the Florida Keys. They are slow growing. Black Sapote of a close relative of the Persimmon and exhibits characteristics of it. Sapote's are native to Mexico and lowlands of Central America. While the tree isn't strictly tropical, they need protection from temperatures below 36F degrees for the first several years. Once they mature, they are able to withstand temperatures as low as 28F - 30F degrees for brief periods. Soil is not of concern as they tolerate a wide array of mediums: from sand to alluvial clay to the oolitic limestone of south Florida. They can be grown in containers and will reach heights of 10-12 feet. The fruit is a greenish-brown color, and readily drops from the tree when ripe. It is best to pick them a few days before they soften up. Fruit flesh has the color, texture and consistency of Chocolate pudding and tastes like it, but it is not as sweet. Sugar may be added. Fruits ripen December to February. We recommend Citrus Granular 4-6-8 Fertilizer for optimum growth and nutrition intake.

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