Black Surinam Cherry - GRAFTED - 3 Gallon

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Eugenia uniflora
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The tasty Black Surinam produces a 1" diameter, reddish-black cherry. This is a very unique looking cherry because of its pumpkin-like shape. The Black Surinam ripens May through June. When fully ripe, it is delicious eaten fresh or in jellies. The plant is durable and can tolerate it's PH ranging from 5.5 to 7.5. It can be trimmed into a bush or small tree. The Suriname prefers full sun and fertile soil. A favorite here at Jene's Tropicals. Often grown as a thick hedge in central and south Florida. Easily grown in containers and is self fruitful. THESE TREES ARE GRAFTEDto produce better quality fruit, and standard(single trunk tree-form).

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