Carambola/Star Fruit: Kari - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Averrhoa carambola cv. 'Kari'
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This exciting yellow fruit is shaped just like a star when sliced! We carry hybrid varieties that are of excellent quality and are very sweet. They are best eaten fresh. They are also great in jams and as a fruit beverage. A mature starfruit can produce up to 200 lbs. of fruit a year! The attractive, fast growing tree prefers partial to full sun and loves moisture. The tree produces within 2 years (7 gallon sized, within 1 year). All Starfruit are grafted on their own rootstock. Trees will grow to about 35 feet in 20 years. Kari is generally accepted as the King of the Starfruit's. It is Orange-yellow in color when ripe and very sweet with a slight crunchy texture.

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