Christmas Palm tree- 15 Gallon Pot

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With its neat and formal appearance, this small sized palm lends itself to wide use. The Christmas palm is spectacular when used in the landscape however, it is also for interior use, giving you the opportunity to brighten up your home or office with a touch of the tropics. The showy, bright red fruits ripen at Christmas time. The tree will only reach a height of 12 feet in the ground and about 6, after many years, if potted. They prefer bright light or full sun. They do very well in sunrooms. They are nearly tropical in there requirements and will be burned if temperatures drop below 32F degrees. This is one of the 10 most popular palms in Florida. They are very tropical in appearance. They should be sprayed with Neutral Copper fungicide a couple times annually and Palm 7-2-7 Granular Fertilizer is essential 4 times per year. (Photo from:

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