Coconut Palm tree - 25 Gallon Pot

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The coconut palm tree is the universal symbol of the tropics. This moderate to fast growing palm tree is truly the worlds most economically important palm. Every part of this palm is utilized. The Malayan coconut palm generally produces fruit when 4-5 years of age. Because of its quick rate of growth, the palm needs an abundance of growing space and may need to eventually be planted in the ground. In-ground, they can reach heights of 40-60 feet in 30 years. Average rate of growth is about 1 - 1.5 feet per year. Coconuts are edible and very tasty. Spraying with Neutral Copper Fungicide is a must and plants will not do well without it. 7-2-7 Palm Granular Fertilizer is essential 4 times per year. The Malayan varieties we carry are resistant to Lethal Yellowing, a very serious disease that affects many strains of Coconut. Coconuts are not cold tolerant. Freezing temperatures will damage large trees and kill young ones. Dwarf Malayan, as we call it is representative of the fruit size and not the size of the tree. The fruit of the Dwarf Malayan is a little smaller then other varieties of Coconut. Coconuts are unexcelled in their tolerance of salt. They actually can and do grow in salt water, especially along the shore line. (The photo is representative of the 3 gallon sized plant that we offer.)

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