Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. Disclaimer and other Information

Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. ships plants throughout the year, however, the weather in your location may not be warm enough for some plants to survive if shipped when an order is placed. We will hold your order and monitor weather conditions with you to make sure your purchase arrives alive! If you require shipping during inclement weather, Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. negates any and all responsibility for the quality of the plants upon arrival, and makes void all warranties and guarantees that would otherwise have applied, including our 48 hour guarantee. Certain other specific plant species are not guaranteed under the below policy or policies, however, those purchasing such plant materials will be notified of non-guarantee items before shipment and before being billed. We will ship certain plant species overnight or no later than 2nd day air freight at our discretion if we feel specific plant material will not survive a longer shipping period. The customer will be notified before shipment and before being billed. 

Payment is in United States Dollars, by Check, Visa, Master Card, Money Order, Discover Card and American Express, only. Checks will be deposited immediately and must clear before we will ship.


Special Orders require 100% prepayment on all propagation requests. There is no volume discount for our price list. These are the lowest prices we will offer. Bare root orders are from 3 gallon (10 inches) sized containers or smaller stock only.


All prices are subject to change and without notice.


Bonsai’s require extra packing, therefore we may add an additional fee for this. This fee will not exceed $15.00 and will be based upon materials used and labor involved to complete the order.


Out Of State orders are handled individually. Quarantine laws and other requirements occasionally limit shipments to certain states. We cannot ship to Hawai'i, Arizona, or California. WE CANNOT SHIP CITRUS OUTSIDE OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA AS OF 9 November, 2006.


International shipping regulations are wholly dependant upon the requirements of the individual countries with which we intend to ship and the Florida and United States Department’s Of Agriculture. A Phyto-sanitary Certificate is occasionally required between states and is mandatory for International orders. The cost is $35.00 & $65.00 respectively, which includes the transit fee from the Agriculture representative. Orders within the United States are sent via UPS Ground. A minimum of $25.00 packing fee per box is charged on international shipping orders. We cannot guarantee plant material will survive and all risk is assumed by the purchaser. Our 48 hour guarantee DOES NOT APPLY to international shipping.


Non Warranty and Claims: Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. gives no warranty; expressed or implied, as to the variety or productivity of any nursery stock we sell. Any and all liability is limited to purchase price only. All claims must be made within 48 hours upon receipt of goods. Plants must be returned for a refund to occur. Once plant material has been in purchaser’s possession for 48 hours we presume it was received in good condition and make no further guarantee, expressed or implied, as to its future growing performance.