Dwarf Caribbean Red Lady Papaya tree - 3 Gallon

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Carica papaya
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The papaya plant can be considered a giant fast growing herb with a stout trunk and large tropical leaves. Papayas are easy to grow and will reward you with an abundance of fruit within the first two years. Most produce fruit all year. This melon-like fruit varies in size and shape and is not only delicious, but it is very good for you. It contains the enzyme papain which aids in digestion. The papaya prefers full sun, moisture and good drainage. Our Red Mexican variety is self-pollinating. They are large, elongated fruits with reddish flesh when ripe and very sweet. Papaya do not like wet feet and must have very well drained soil. We recommend Citrus Granular 4-6-8 fertilizer during warm months to ensure proper nutrition.

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