Dwarf Dancy Tangerine tree - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus reticulata cv. 'Dancy'
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The Dwarf Dancy Tangerine is a favorite of Tangerine lovers. Its fruit is rich and flavorful with a slight tartness to it. It's loose zipper skin makes it super easy to peel. The Dancy is also called the Christmas Tangerine because its ripening season is during the months of December and January. The tree will only grow to about 10 feet in the ground or 6 feet in a container. The growth habit is quite vigorous. This variety prefers full sun, fertile, but well drained soil and moderate water. Dancy is an extremely prolific bearer. The original 'Dancy' was discovered in the grove of Col. F. L. Dancy in Orange Mills, Florida as a seedling of the Moragne Tangerine. This cultivar is typical in appearance, shape, taste, color and size of those native to the Foochow area of China. It was first recognized in 1877. Col. Dancy planted the seed of Dancy in 1867. Commercial propagation began in 1890.Dancy has 7-20 seeds per fruit. It has been the leading Tangerine crop in Florida in the past.

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