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Eureka Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED
Eureka Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

Eureka Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Eureka originated from seed taken from an Italian lemon (probably the 'Lunario') and planted in Los Angeles in 1858; selected in 1877 and budwood propagated by Thomas Garey who named it 'Garey's Eureka'. Bears all year but mostly late winter, spring and early summer when the demand for lemons is high. The tree is of medium size, almost thornless, early-bearing, and prolific. Grown commercially in Israel and California. It will do well in Florida, especially in containers. Eureka is the common lemon found in grocery stores throughout the United States. The tree will grow to 12 feet in the ground and 6 - 8 feet in containers. The fruit is bright yellow when ripe, medium skinned with a perfect lemon flavor. The peel, or zest and the oil is often used in culinary dishes. (Photo from:

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