Goliath Pommelo - GRAFTED

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Citrus grandis cv. 'Siamese White'
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Pommelo's are gaining great popularity since the mid-1980's. Commercial planting in Florida has increased to nearly 20,000 trees in the southern part of the state. They are produced on a hardy tree throughout the months of November to May. The fruits are huge, often the size of a bowling ball, and grapefruit-like. They are slightly dryer than grapefruits, and much sweeter! They contain only about 1/4 the acid a grapefruit has. Once picked, they may be left to ripen even further, up to 30 days before eating. Each day you wait, the sweeter they get! This is definitely an 'up-and-coming' fruit for the home, garden and commercially. They are also known as Shaddock. A great addition for the collector or anyone wanting to try an exquisite fruit. There is little difference between the taste of the 3 varieties we offer, however the Siamese White is sweeter. Color is the significant difference.

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