Honey Murcott Tangerine -tree 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus reticulata cv. 'Honey Murcott'
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Honey Murcott, while considered a Tangerine, is actually a Tangor, which is an tangerine and orange hybrid. Murcott has been planted extensively since 1952. The fruit is yellow-orange, smooth and glossy. Seed number ranges from 18-24 per fruit. It is one of the latest maturing fruit of the mandarin hybrid's. The fruit has higher soluble solids than sweet oranges. Because of this, the unique texture reminds us of biting into a very tender steak. It is amazing and very sweet. The tree is bushy with willowy branches flesh is almost from tangerine has been blessed with a high sugar content and excellent flavor. It has thin, easy to peel skin and ripens during the months of January through March. This variety prefers full sun and is great for container growing because of its small stature, not reaching more than 15 feet. It is imperative to properly fertilize and prune this cultivar as failure to do so can result in plant death. Murcott, if not pruned, has been known to produce so many fruit in one season that it actually kills the tree. Pruning is easy and will be very beneficial if done every 2-3 years. Murcott can easily be grown in containers inside or outside. Trees grown inside may not need pruning as they will only reach a height of about 6 feet, potted. Murcott is an absolute favorite here at Jene's Tropicals. Everyone needs a grove of these gems!!