Hong Kong Orchid Tree - 7 Gallon

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Bauhinia blakeana
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Though the Hong Kong Orchid tree is not an orchid, the spectacular, showy flowers somewhat resemble orchids. This species of orchid tree was discovered in Hong Kong by a French priest and named for Sir Henry Blake, governor of Hong Kong in 1908. The tree will grow to 25 - 30 feet tall and is the most cold hardy of the Orchid trees withstanding temperatures to 25 degrees for brief periods when established. The blooms are fantastic reaching 4-6 inches across. They bloom in summer and lose some of their leaves in winter.A 2-10-10 bloom-boosting fertilizer is ideal for best flowering. They aremoderately quick growing andwill reach maximum height in about 15 years. It is not recommended to grow the Hong Kong Orchid Tree in containers.