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Updated Feb. 27, 2020

Tropical Fruit Trees, Nuts, Berries, Orchard trees, Vines and Citrus
Numerous cultivars available in large sizes

You are welcome to call to inquire about an item you are interested in, but do not see on our list.
There is a good chance we have it or at least can get it.

Item Description


Pot Sizes

Atemoya- Geffnerno 3 gal pot, 15 gal pot
Sugar Apple-Kampong Mauve (7 gal pot only) , Lessard, Vietnameseno3, 7, 30 gal pot
Soursopyes15 gal pot, 7 gal
Custard Appleno15 gal pot
Illamano3 gal pot
Barbados Cherryyes3 gal pot, 7 gal pot
Pitombayes3 gal pot
3 gal pot 7 gal pot, 15 gal pot
Black Surinamyes3 gal pot
3 gal pot, 7 gal pot
Rio Grande Cherryno3 gal, 7 gal pot
Feijoa Guavano7 gal pot
Rolliniano3 gal pot
Cattley Guavayes
3 gal pot
Peruvian White Guavayes
3 gal pot
Kilo White Guavano3, 7 gal pot
Philippine Apple Guavano
Not Available
Cashew Nutno3, 7 gal pot
Macadamia Nutno15 gal pot
Pecan-Cape Fear, Kiowa, Forkert, Moreland, Pawnee,Caddono15 gal pot
Allspiceno3 gal pot
Bay Rumno15 gal pot
Bay Laurelyes
1 gallon, 3 gal pot
Curryyes1 gal, 3 gal pot
Cinnamon Zeylanicumno1, 3 gal pot
Black Pepper Vineyes3 gal pot
Coffee Arabicayes
7 gal pot
Miracle Fruityes
1 gal pot
Theobroma Cacaoyes3 gal pot
Not Available
Not Available
Camelia Sinensis Teayes1 gal pot
Florida Peach-Tropic Beauty, Florida Prince, Tropic Sweetyes3 gal pot
Florida Plum- Scarlett Beauty, Gulf Rubyno3 gal pot
Florida Pearno3 gal pot
Florida Nectarine-Sunraceryes3 gal, 7 gal pot
Persimmon- Fuyu-gaki, Hachiyano3, 15 gal pot
Muscadine/bunch- Southern Home, Southern Jewelno1 gal pot
Bunch Grape- Burgundy Bunchno3 gal pot
Assorted Mango Trees (Over 50 varieties) Refer below for varietiesyes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal, 45 gal pot
Assorted Avocado Trees- Super Hass, Choquette, Day, Winter Mexican, Lula, Simmonds, Monroe, Catalina, Pollock yes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal, 30 gal pot
Assorted Citrus Trees (Over 20 varieties)yes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal, 25 gal pot
Assorted Bananas and Plantains (over 10 varieties) Ice cream (blue java), Dwarf Orinoco, Mysore, Gold Finger, Williams, Apple, Gran Nain and moreyes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal pot
Ruby Supreme Guavayes3 gal, 7 gal pot
Mulberry-Tice, Himilayanyes3 gal pot
Strawberry Treeno3 gal pot
Starfruit-Shri, Fwang Tung, Kariyes 15 gal
Assorted Fig Trees and Bushes (Over 5 varieties)yes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal pot
Jakfruit-NS1, Monkeyyes
7 gal, 25 gal pot
Passion Fruit Vine- Bolivian Purpleyes3 gal
Longan-Kohala, Kohalayes
3 gal, 7 gal, 15 gal pot
Pomegranate-Vietnameseyes7 gal pot
Blackberry- Natchez, Ouachitayes1 gal pot
Raspberry-Mysoreno3 gal pot
Blueberry- Windsor, Gulfcoast, Misty, Emerald,  yes1 gal
Dwarf Mulberryyes3 gal pot
Akeeno7 gal pot
Ambarellayes7 gal pot
Black Sapoteyes3 gal pot
Canistel/Egg Fruityes7, 15 gal pot
Breadfruitno3 gallon
3 gal pot, 15 gal pot
Jujube-Thaino3 gal pot 
Lychee Nut- Sweetheart, Mauritius, Brewster, Emperoryes
3 gal, 7 gal, 45 gal pot
Mamey Sapoteyes
15 gal pot, 3 gal
Sapodilla-Silas Woodyes
3 gal pot
Mombin yellow, redyes
3 gal pot, 7 gal pot
Natal Plumyes
3 gal pot
Papaya solo dwarf self-fertileno3 gal pot
Not Available
GranadillanoNot Available
Pineappleno1 gal pot
Rose Appleno3 gal
Malay Appleyes15 gal pot
Sea Grapeyes
3 gal pot, 7 gal pot
Spanish Lime-Key Westno7 gal pot
Sugar Caneno3 gal pot
3 gal pot
Wax Jambu-Kong White, Green, Borneo redyes
3 gal, 15 gal pot
White Sapote-Bonita, RedlandNo
Not Available
Star Apple-Purpleno15 gal pot
Monstera Deliciousano3 gal pot

Lemon Grass

Moringa oleifera



1 gal pot

1 and 3 gal pot

Ground Covers



Perenial Peanut Podocarpus YellowAllamanda
Dune Sunflower Pittosporum CherryAllamanda
Jasmine Minima Ligustrum Stephanotis
Dwarf Ruellea Indian Hawthorne Assorted Passion Flower
Liriope Giant Arborecola Green Dipledenia
Liriope Muscari Arborecola Variegated Florida Flame
Mondo Grass Jatropha Blue Sky
Dwarf Mondo Grass Assorted Copper Plant Japanese Honeysuckle
Liriope Variegated Assorted DwarfAzalea Coral Honeysuckle
Day Lilies Assorted Azalea Assorted Bougainvillea
Lantana Assorted Camelia Bleeding Heart
Blue Days Red & Yellow Ixora Maui Pandorea
Heather Assorted Dwarf Ixora Chinese Jasmine
Creeping Ficus Repens Nora Grant Ixora Queen's Wreath Petrea
Oyster Plants Giant Super King Ixora Chinese Wisteria
Oyster Variegated Dwarf Oleander Rangoon Creeper
Dwarf Oyster Plant Assorted Oleander Butterfly
Foxtail Fern Silver Buttonwood
Potato Vine Assorted Colors Carissa Boxwood
Society Garlic Snowbush
Juniper Assorted Varieties Assorted Hibiscus
Perenial Purslane Musseanda
California Sunrose Star Magnolia
Variegated Purple Queen Tea Olive

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Night Blooming Jasmine




Royal Poinciana Fishtail Catlin Elm
Pacaranda Roebelini Mediteranean Olive
Tibouchina Queen Fukien Tea
Jatropha Coconut Dwarf Black Olive Spinosa
Assorted Crape Myrtle Bismark Mimosa
Hong Kong Orchid Foxtail Dwarf Bougainvillea
Black Olive Alexander 1000 Star Serissa
Kapok King Alexander Nerifolia Ficus
Floss Silk Bottle Green Island Ficus
Buttonwood Spindle Benjamina Dwarf Ficus
Michellia Alba Montgomery Procumbins Juniper
Ylang Ylang Royal Dwarf Radican Gardenia
Golden Shower Cardboard Japanese Red Maple
Golden Rain Christmas
Pitch Apple Foxy Lady
Firebush Areca
Yellow & Pink Tabebuia Areca Vestiaria
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Licuala Grandis
Topiaries Kentia
Ficus Chinese Fan
African Tulip European Fan
Dombeya Hydrangia Windmill
Potato Cocothrynax

Orange, White, & Yellow Geiger

Rainbow Shower

Apple Blossom Shower

Cassia Grandis


Rainbow Eucalyptus