Jaboticaba tree - 3 Gallon

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Myrciaria cauliflora
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Jaboticaba's are a slow growing shrub or tree reaching a height of 40 feet in the wild, but only about 15 feet in the warmest parts of the United States. The fruit are borne on the trunk and branches singularly or in clusters and are green while young and turning a deep purple, almost black after about 30 days from fruit set, when they mature. They are well likened to a Muscadine grape except that they have larger seeds. The taste is exceptional, being somewhat of a grape-raspberry mix and very sweet. Fruits are about an inch in diameter. When in full bloom the trunk and branches of the Jaboticaba are completely covered in white flowers. They can easily withstand temperatures as low as 26 degrees for short periods of time with little or no damage. They prefer rich, deep, well-drained soils but also have been noted to grow well here in central Florida in sand and in south Florida on oolitic limestone. They make excellent potted plants and bonsai's. Abundant watering is very beneficial to the plant. It is important to use only the fertilizer recommended because any other may cause growth retardation, defoliation, or poor fruit quality. Nutritional sprays are not effective and if chelated zinc, iron or manganese are used, it will negatively affect the plants overall health and prohibit fruit set and/or development. Trees in south Florida usually produce twice a year, in spring and in the fall. Fruits may take 4-6 years to appear, as the trees are such slow growers.

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