Jacaranda - 3 Gallon

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Jacaranda mimosifolia
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The Jacaranda, called Caroba in its native Brazil. It is now one of Florida's most spectacular flowering trees. It can easily be grown in large containers and flowers at a young age. Flowers appear in Florida in early spring before its leaves appear. This is truly one of the most magnificent flowering trees we have. The Jacaranda's flowers hang in clusters, covering the entire tree. They are fast growing as well, reaching heights of 25-30 feet in less than 10 years here in St. Petersburg. They are considerably smaller when potted, but blooms will still cover the entire tree for often times more than a month, before the foliage appears. 17-5-11 Nursery fertilizer is recommended during the warm months. After established, aside from regular applications of fertilizing, no care need be given for this tree.

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