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Kings Mantle - 3 Gallon
Kings Mantle - 3 Gallon

Kings Mantle - 3 Gallon

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Kings Mantle is an exquisite shrub to 4 6 feet, blooming profusely throughout most of the year if quarterly applications of 2-10-10 Bloom Booster Fertilizer are applied. Its leaves are small, glossy and dark green, which lend a certain delicacy to any home garden. Kings Mantle can also be grown in containers in semi to full sun. Blooms are trumpet shaped, bright to Royal blue with a yellow throat appearing singularly or in clusters. The plant does not like to dry out, preferring moist soil and can be lightly mulched. Annual pruning in spring will encourage flower production and keep the plant compact. Ultimate height can be reached in 4 6 years in zones 9b 11. Kings Mantle does not like cold weather and even a light frost will seriously damage the leaves and kill buds.

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