Lobster Claw Heliconia - 3 Gallon

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Heliconia rostrata
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The Lobster claw is indeed one of the most spectacular Heliconias! Its origin is linked to Peru and Ecuador, however it is now a cultivated favorite throughout the world. This clumping tropical grows to about 7'. The segmented flowers can produce 5 to 35 orange and yellow bracts that resemble lobster claws! This unique variety grows large, dark green handsome leaves. It prefers full sun to 50% shade and grows well and blooms abundantly in a container. The Lobster claw must be protected from the frost. Lobster claw will spread over time, creating a thick cluster of foliage, splashed with brilliant reds and yellows. We recommend Palm 7-2-7 Fertilizer during the warm months.

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