Mango Tree - Rosigold - 30 g. GRAFTED

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Mangifera indica cv. 'Rosigold'
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Harvest Season: Middle to late March through June. Color of fruit at maturity: Bright Yellow with Crimson highlights when fruits are exposed to the sun. Size lbs: 11oz. Fruit Production: Moderate and comes in successive waves from March through June Growth rate of tree: Moderate Height of mature tree (ft.) : 15 feet but can be kept to 8 feet Eating quality (as provided by the experts at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, Florida): Good to Excellent Fiber content of fruit: None Miscellaneous: Southeastern Asian origin. Blooming often occurs in many times throughout the winter, resulting in a multi-harvest fruiting season. There may be a need to thin fruit in some years to improve fruit size and quality.

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