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Meiwa Kumquat - 5 Gallon - GRAFTED
Meiwa Kumquat - 5 Gallon - GRAFTED

Meiwa Kumquat - 5 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Kumquat's have been cultivated in China for over 1,000 years and in Japan for many centuries. In 1885, the Kumquat was brought to Florida directly from Japan by Royal Palm Nursery of Miami, Florida. Kumquats are shrubby trees rarely reaching more than 10 feet and having small, compact dense foliage. Kumquat's are considered thorn-less and have a silvery underside to the leaves. Meiwa have a very sweet, edible skin and sweet, spongy, juicy flesh. The fruits are about 1 1/2 inch and round. This species wasn't introduced until1911 from Japan. All kumquats are much more tolerant of cold than any fruits of the Citrus genus and can survive temperatures to 10F degrees. Their freeze hardiness is greatly attributed to the fact that they are less likely to produce new growth in cooler months than other types of citrus. The name 'Kumquat' is an English form of the Chinese words for "golden orange." They are very showy trees and brilliantly colored when fruits are ripe. Apart from their ornamental appeal, they are excellent for making marmalades and jams as well as sauces for fish and chicken. They will grow very well in containers or in the ground in warmer areas.

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