Miami Supreme Gardenia - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Gardenia jasminodes
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You can't beat the incredible heavenly fragrance of a gardenia! The grafted Miami Supreme Gardenia has an extra large, pure white, multiple-petaled bloom. They flower abundantly winter through spring. Occasionally, they may bloom throughout the year. The gardenia is a wonderful addition to any garden or interior. Zone 8b to zone 11. Miami Supreme Gardenias will grow very well in containers and prefer a northern, Eastern or North-eastern exposure, away from direct afternoon sun. Maximum height can be 8 feet, but keeping the plant to 4 - 6 feet is recommended. Growth is slow, only about 6 inches per year. Applications of Gardenia Fertilizer are recommended for the health of the plant. If growing indoors, do not over water or the roots will rot. (Don't allow to dry out completely either.) Photo from:

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