Minneola / Honeybelle Tangelo - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus paradisi cv. 'Duncan' x C. reticulata cv. 'Dancy'
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The Minneola Tangelo or sometimes called Honeybelle because of its large bell shaped fruit, is one of the most delicious citrus varieties available! The trees will reach about 20 feet in nearly as many years. December through February is the season of maturity. If the tree kept inside during its blooming season, it must be hand pollinated to set fruit (which is very easy to do). When the term TANGELO was coined in 1905, horticulturalists were trying to make the accepted name of grapefruit, "Pomelo". The name didn't stick with the grapefruit, however, but it did with Tangelo [(Tang)erine Pom(elo)]. In 1931 Minneola was released with many other Tangerine/Grapefruit hybrids, but only two have survived the "taste test" of time and are widely planted today. One such hybrid is the Minneola (Honeybelle). The dark reddish-orange peel separates it from all other citrus as well as the taste, which is nothing like a grapefruit. It tastes more like a tangerine than anything else, but with it's own flair. It is extremely juicy and quite large. We like to describe it here at Jene's Tropicals as a large red fruit that tastes kind of like a tangerine but is as big as a grapefruit. There is no citrus that compares to this one. Everyone should have one, or three!!!!!!