Navel Orange - 7 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus sinensis cv. ' Washington Navel'
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We offer the variety Washington Naval. It was first introduced to Florida in 1870 from Brazil. Real interest with Florida growers didn't come though, until the 1880's, only after it proved to be a very successful crop in California. Fruit quality is very good to excellent. While there are other varieties of naval, they are really just offsets of the original, Washington Naval, and there is little or no difference in fruit taste, only differences in time of maturity between the cultivars. The dwarf trees are grafted onto Flying Dragon dwarfing rootstock (Poncirus trifoliata) syn. (Citrus trifoliate). Even though the tree will grow bushy and small in stature (to 10 feet), it will produce an abundance of full-sized, luscious fruits. The small, compact growing tree will make an excellent potted specimen. The fruit will grow full size. The Navel is one of the most recognized of the oranges, for fresh, out of hand eating. It is prized because of its large sized, easy-to-peel, sweet, juicy fruit that ripens November through January. The trees are self-fertile and withstand temperatures down to 27 degrees. Trees will usually not exceed 6 feet when potted.

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