Parson Brown Orange - 15 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus sinensis cv. 'Parson Brown'
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Before 1920, Parson Brown was the leading commercial orange in the world. The original tree was one of 5 seedlings grown at the home of Rev. Nathan L. Brown near Webster, Florida. The seedlings had been given to him by a man who said he grew them from seed. The seeds of the orange were brought to Savannah, Georgia on an English ship from China the man stated. The fruit the seeds came from was on the ship. The fruit of one of the trees caught Rev. Brown's attention, because it ripened earlier than the other 4 trees. In 1874 Capt. J. L. Carney bought the rights to the tree as he was looking for budwood to graft his sour oranges onto. He named the cultivar, 'Parson Brown'. The fruits ripen from October through December and have 10-20 seeds per fruit. The skin is thick and has a slightly pebbled peel. The fruit color excellent and makes a great juice. Parson brown can be planted in ground or in containers. If grown in a pot, it will only reach 8 feet.

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