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6831 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33710 USA


Jene's Tropicals 

6831 Central Ave 

St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 

(727) 344-1668 

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Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
We carry Red Mexican Papaya, Siam Sweet Pommelo, Philipean Guava Apple, Hamlin Oranges, Vietnamese Sugar Apples, and Persimmons.
Our Vietnamese Sugar Apples peel easily and taste great with cusatard-like pulp!  
Pomelo fruit is always a great option with many health benefits! This fruit is proven to promote healing, prevent cancer, osteoporosis, and the cold, slow down the effects of aging, and much more!  
Thai Guava is very sweet and is also very high in Vitamin C.
Valencia Pride Mangoes are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The VP is a terriffic consistant bearer.
The shade-loving Periwinke Bush is beautiful and blooms all year.