Pineapple Orange - 7 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus sinensis cv. 'Pineapple'
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Pineapple Orange is the leading mid-season orange in Florida. There are many questions as to why it was named "Pineapple". Some believe the owner of the cultivar, a Mr. Owens had a daughter that thought the fruit tasted like pineapple; some believe she thought the aroma was that of pineapple. No one really knows. After the freezes of 1894-95 in northern Florida, extensive planting was performed in the state, with this cultivar. Pineapple has prime quality fruit during January and February, when they ripen fully. It has a very distinct flavor and internal juice color is dark orange and sugars are high. Because of this, the Pineapple Orange is in great demand for processing. In addition, the color of the peal turns a deep reddish-orange upon maturity; this can be seen in the cool weather of the northern part Florida. It is accepted both for the fresh fruit market and for processing. They have moderate yields and seed numbers total 10-20 per fruit. Pineapple is an excellent mid-season fruit. The trees reach a height of about 18 feet, though potted are considerable smaller, reaching heights of 6 - 8 feet.

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