Ponderosa Lemon - 3 Gallon - GRAFTED

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Citrus limon cv. 'Ponderosa'
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The Ponderosa, while not a commercial cultivar, is frequently found in home gardens and conservatories throughout Florida, Texas and California. It has been in home plantings since 1900. It originated in 1886 as a seedling of an unknown source by George Bowman of Hagerstown, Maryland. It was first propagated under the name "American Wonder Lemon." The fruits resemble a common lemon except that they are much, much larger. They are grown primarily for their curious size and shape, but also make excellent juice and are great for cooking. The fruits are very juicy and have many seeds. The tree is small, (to 10 feet) and fairly thorny. It is thought to be a natural cross between another type of citrus and a lemon, possibly Citron. The flavor is excellent and fruits can reach the size of a football. Plants rarely reach more than 6-8 feet in containers. An excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor citrus garden.