Roebellinii Palm tree/ - Pygmy Date Palm tree -3 Gallon

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Phoenix roebellinii
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The Roebellinii palm tree is one of the most widely used date palms in the United States and probably the most popular of all dwarf palms for landscape use. Though usually single-trunked in nature, multiples are frequently produced in nurseries. The Pygmy Date palms are very cold tolerant and can take brief temperatures as low as 27F degrees with no damage. They will grow in sun or shade, and can be grown in containers throughout their lives as they will only reach a height of 8 feet. They are quite drought tolerant once established. The Pygmy date palm is also slow growing, taking 15-25 years to reach their full height. The fruits are edible as it is a member of the true, date family. They respond very well to Palm Granular 7-2-7 Fertilizer. Occasionally they will need to be sprayed for fungus and insects to retain optimum health. An excellent plant for in the home, in containers or in the ground.