Ruby Supreme (Air-Layer) - 3 Gallon

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Psidium guajava 'Ruby' x 'Supreme'
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The Ruby Supreme is red fleshed, large and shaped like a pear. Fruits are greenish to pink on the outside and Reddish-pink inside. Ruby will bear within 2 years and is quite vigorous in its growth habit. It can be pruned as a bush or tree. For best production, this guava should be grown in full sun. This variety does very well when grown in a container. It can be planted in the ground in zone 9A or higher. Fruits are usually 2 inches across but can be as much as 3 inches. Fruits are ripe in the fall and early winter. They can take considerable drought when established, but prefer hot and humid conditions with plenty of water. Guava is one of the world's best tropical fruits and is grown in nearly every tropical country. Almost 500,000 tons are harvested annually throughout the world. Mexico alone produces 200,000 tons. Everyone should have a tree in their home or their landscape!!!