Sambac Jasmine (Jasmine Tea) - 3 Gallon

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Jasminum sambac
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Sambac or Arabian Jasmine is a beautiful, small shrub or vine to 4 5 feet tall inground (4 feet if container grown) with glossy, dark green leaves. The flowers are authentic for making Jasmine tea and Jasmine rice. Flowers are boiled with tea or cooked with foods and add flavor and a unique Asian feel to cuisine. Care is relatively simple and Sambac Jasmine should be fertilized with 2-10-10, 4 times annually. It prefers full sun or partial shade for best flowering. Prune back once annually to shape. Sambac does not like to freeze, but can tolerate 30 F degrees for up to 4 hours will little damage beyond leaf-burn. 23 F Degrees for more than 1 hour will kill the plant. Occasionally, Neem Oil should be sprayed to prevent insect and fungal infestations.

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