When will my order ship?

In most cases, orders will ship the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after your order is placed. There are exceptions. During the Months of March - July (our busiest months) there may be a delay in shipping greater than 2 weeks. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but this is the time of year we experience the greatest volume of orders. Also in the winter months, delays can be expected because of inclement weather. We always monitor weather conditions in your area and will only ship if we feel the weather is warm enough to do so. We will contact you if we cannot ship your order to you immediately.

What is the Citrus quarantine placed by the USDA and how does it affect me?

Recently, legislation was passed in Congress preventing the sale or distribution to other states of all citrus trees (witht he exceptions of Calamondin´s, Meiwa and Nagami Kumquats) and fresh citrus fruits originating in the state of Florida. This means that we will no longer be able to ship Citrus trees from Jené's Tropicals to you IF you live outside of the state of Florida. We have been told that the legislators may lift this ban for those of us that only sell citrus trees. If this happens, it will be after June 1st, 2007.

The primary reason for this ban on citrus exports from Florida is that Citrus Canker is now a statewide problem due to Hurricanes Jeanne, Francis, Charlie and others that have devastated Florida's Citrus industry in the past couple years. Citrus Canker is a bacterial disease spread by wind, water and certain insects, and while it does not kill citrus, it creates lesions on the fruits, leaves and branches which inhibits their commercial sale . While our county (Pinellas) has not seen Citrus Canker, the USDA has decided that the entire state should be under quarentine until further notice.

Our nursery is inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture every 45 days for Citrus Canker and we have always been free from the disease.

What is Citrus Greening?

 Citrus greening, or huanglongbing, is a bacterial disease that attacks the vascular system of plants. Once infected, there is no cure for a tree with citrus greening disease. In areas of the world where citrus greening is endemic, citrus trees decline and die within a few years. There are three forms: Asian, African and Brazilian. The strain found in South Florida appears to be the Asian form.

The bacteria are transmitted primarily by insect vectors (citrus psyllids). In June 1998, the insect that carries the Asian strain of citrus greening (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama) was found for the first time in the United States in Delray Beach, but no citrus greening infection was found at that time. Because of the extreme threat to Florida citrus, the Department has been conducting a citrus greening survey for many years. Once the Asian citrus psyllid was discovered in 1998, citrus greening survey efforts were intensified.

Symptoms of citrus greening disease are similar to plants with severe nutritional deficiencies including yellow shoots, twig dieback, tree decline and reduced fruit size and quality, often affecting only a single branch at first. Older leaves develop a characteristic mottling, or patches of discoloration, as shown in the attached photos. The inside of the fruit is lopsided and is inedible due to poor taste. The fruit drops off before ripening and has poor color. Molecular tests are needed to confirm the presence of this disease. (Information sourced from: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/lpa/news/2005/09/greening_ppq.html)

Currently 21 Counties in Florida have been exposed to Citrus Greening. Please see the link for a map that shows the affected counties: http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/pi/chrp/greening/maps/cgsit_map.pdf

Why are the spices Jené's Tropcials offers so expensive?

A couple of our employees actively seek the rare and unusual, constantly traveling throughout the world in search of what cannot be commonly found here in the United States. Jené's Tropicals has amassed the largest collection of commerical grade spices in the US because of this, and we pride ourselves on making available only the absolute best quality that can be found. This comes with a price however and some spices, like Clove & Nutmeg took more than 10 years to source. Others, like Vanilla and Black Pepper have been grown and monitored for years, ensuring that they will flower and fruit. We do not deny that they are expensive, but we want the serious collector to have the ability to purchase only the best and we have made it possible to do that.


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All plants are carefully hand-packed and packaged for safe shipping. It is however, not uncommon to find a few bent leaves, brown leaves, or broken branches upon arrival. This does not affect the plant’s health in any way. Plants take well to pruning, so trim branches or leaves just before the break and your plant will be fine. If you do receive plants that have been severely damaged, PLEASE NOTIFY US WITHIN 48 HOURS of receipt. We will have the damaged item returned to us and replaced with a healthy specimen.

 Non Warranty and Claims: Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the variety or productivity of any nursery stock we sell. Any and all liability is limited to purchase price only. All claims must be made within 48 hours upon receipt of goods. Plants must be returned for a refund to occur. Once plant material has been in purchaser’s possession for 48 hours we presume it was received in good condition and make no further guarantee, expressed or implied, as to its future growing performance.

 Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. ships plants throughout the year, however, the weather in your location may not be warm enough for the plants to survive shipment. We will hold your order and monitor temperature conditions with you to make sure your purchase arrives alive! YOU ARE NEVER BILLED UNTIL THE DAY YOUR PLANTS ARE SHIPPED. If you require shipping during inclement weather, Jené’s Tropicals, Inc. negates any and all responsibility for the quality of the plants upon arrival. If you only received a partial order, they remainder will follow when they are available.