Tamarind tree - 3 Gallon

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Tamarindus indica
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The Tamarind, in spring, produces tiny, frothy, white, fragrant flowers in dense, round clusters. These are followed by fruit pods, reddish colored, and twisted and curled like a 'ram`s horn'. In tropical countries, trees can reach 100ft and grow 8-10 feet per year. In the ground in warm areas of the USA however, they reach only about 60 feet. Fruits are sweet and tart; the pulp of the fruit is eaten as is excellent. It is widely planted in Latin America and South America. Trees are tolerant of near freezing temperatures when 4-5 years old, but must be protected when younger. Trees should bear within 2 years. Citrus granular 4-6-8 Fertilizer is best during the warm months. This tree is not recommended for container growing as it is just too big. (Image borrowed from http://www.britannica.com/ebc/art-7686/Tamarind)

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