Tea Olive - 7 Gallon

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Osmanthus fragrans
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Tea Olive is a wonderfully fragrant shrub that can reach 20 feet if planted in the ground in warm areas of the country, but it usually only grows to about 6 feet. It can also, easily be container grown reaching height of only 3 - 4 feet. It prefers full sun to only partial shade for best flowering. In fall, winter and early spring, its white flowers appear, nearly covering the entire shrub. Tea Olive flowers are small, only about one-quarter inch in length and white turning cream color as they age. Ideally it likes rich, well-drained soil, but can tolerate and do well in sandy soils. It is not specifically sub-tropical, handling temperatures in zones 8a - 11b. (Photo from:http://www.leserre.it/dbimg/osmanthus.jpg)

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