Thai Crown of Thorn - Giant Pink - 2 Gallon

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Euphorbia milii x E. lomi (Poysean Group)
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Crown of Thorn has always been known as a Native of Madagascar; a beautiful ornamental plant combining brilliant red, pink, white, or yellow flowers with spiny grayish-brown stems. Flowers and foliage were small. In the past 30 years however about 2,000 varieties have been developed by growers in Thailand. From those Thai varieties a group called "Poysean" (meaning 8 saints in Chinese) has been introduced to the United States with much larger and brighter green leaves and huge flower clusters that resemble hydrangea. Thai Crown of thorn is an incredible improvement over its precursor. We offer several colors for you to enjoy. Care is simple; it is a succulent so it does not need much water. Fertilize 4 times per year with a Osmacote 14-14-14 or a Schultz Liquid Cactus Food. They can freeze, so container growing is essential for those living in Zones 9b and below. They prefer full sun to 30% shade.

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