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What's New

The latest shipment of pottery has arrived from Vietnam, where it is artfully glazed and fired for fifty-five days at sun-burning temperatures to achieve an incredible color and sheen. These are as beautiful as they are handsomely priced, and we have the pots in all styles and sizes, pictures below! 


We are stocked with brand new yard art, from colorful Talavera creatures and ceramics from Mexico to our ever popular Pink Flamingos and Sign Art. Bonsai's make a great Holiday gift, as would one of our many Fruit trees, the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! 



Not all of our trees are listed on the site!
     Jene's Tropicals is well stocked throughout the year. Many varieties of citrus and tropical fruit trees are available in larger sizes (to big for shipping). We also carry many cultivars of various fruit trees that are not listed on this site. For instance, we stock over 50 varieties of mangos in various sizes not listed on this site. If you do not see a plant you are looking for, give us a call at 727-344-1668. There is still a good chance we have it.  We encourage you to visit our nursery, select your own plants and take them home with you.

                                                    Eating Healthily:
     There are so many nutritious fruits that are easy to grow, small in size and loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidents. Blueberries, pomegranates, raspberries, mangoes (available in dwarf sizes; refer to the below paragraph), persimmons and guavas are among these healthy fruits.

                                                    Operating Hours:
     Our store is currently open Monday thru Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

     Beautiful bougainvillea plants are sold here! Available in shades of pink, purple, white, orange, and gold, whether you choose patio trees or trellised vines, these plants produce some of the most gorgeous flowers you'll ever see!

  Yellow Fruiting Dragon fruit plants are in as of 2-27-20!!!!!                                                

   Dwarf Fruit Trees:
     Our condo fruit trees (commonly known as dwarf fruit trees) are perfect to grow in small areas and containers! We carry and sell the following dwarf trees.

Dwarf Mango Trees:
  •  Julie Mango
  •  Cogshall Mango
  •  Ice Cream Mango 
  •  Neelum Mango 
  •  Pickering Mango

Semi-Dwarf Mango Trees:

  •  Nom Doc Mai Mango
  •  Mallika Mango
  •  Choconan Mango
  •  Springfels Mango
  •  Carrie Mango
  •  Lancetilla Mango

Dwarf Lychee Nut Trees:

  •  Emperor Lychee

Dwarf Citrus Trees:

  •  Minneola Tangelo (Honeybelle)
  •  Hamlin Orange
  •  Navel
  •  Valencia
  •  Ponkan Mandarin
  •  Ruby Red Grapefruit
  •  Fruit Cocktail Multi-Graft Citrus

Dwarf Avocado Trees:

  •  Wurtz Avocado
  •  Oro Negro Avocado

Dwarf Mulberry

  •  Dwarf Mulberrry

Dwarf Ambarella

  •  Weeping Ambarella

Dwarf Figs

  •  Celeste Fig